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Grow your business with Opendoor

We’re looking for skilled vendors and contractors to partner with our team. We count on trusted partners to help inspect, renovate, and repair the homes we acquire.

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Why partner with us

  1. Consistent work

    We buy and sell thousands of homes and make it a point to keep our vendors busy whenever possible.

  2. Supplemental income

    We’re a great option for businesses who want to supplement their existing income with steady work.

  3. Growth potential

    We’re expanding across the U.S. with no plans to slow down. If you’re a fit, you could benefit from our growth.

Opendoor presented me with an opportunity I could never get anywhere else.

Heather Macy

Heather Macy

Heather went from cleaning homes on the weekends to employing 35 people..

We’re seeking vendors in the following areas

  • Electrical

  • Flooring

  • Foundation

  • General contracting

  • Handy and maintenance work

  • HVAC

  • Home cleaning

  • Landscaping and yardwork

  • Photography

  • Pest and termite control

  • Plumbing

  • Pool repair and maintenance

  • Roofing

  • Septic

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Join the future of real estate

We depend on trusted partners to inspect, renovate, and repair the homes we sell.

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