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Trust and safety

You are our top priority at Opendoor. We want you to feel protected and comfortable in each and every home you visit with us and our partner agents.

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How we keep you safe

    Code of Conduct

    Every visitor accepts our Code of Conduct before they enter one of our Opendoor-owned homes.

    Secure accounts

    In order to self-tour, every visitor verifies their identity details: phone, email, state-issued ID, and more.

    Safety messaging

    If there’s a problem in the home then we try to let you know and you can get in touch with our support team if there’s an issue.

Opendoor’s incidence response team

  • Custom monitoring system

    Our security technology system monitors each home to let us know when a home is unsecured and helps us respond to any out-of-the-ordinary situation.

  • Front-line human support

    Our expert customer support team is available by phone call during touring ours between 6 AM and 9 PM.

  • Nightly patrol

    If we receive reports of safety issues, we place a home on a nightly patrol route conducted by a trusted national security company.

Touring safety

Consider these whenever you’re out touring homes.

Avoiding rental scams

Opendoor homes are never available for rent.
If you have been involved in a rental scam involving an Opendoor-owned property please let us know by completing this form.

Report rental fraud

Be aware of recruiting scams

Recruitment scams are a new and growing trend. Scammers often say they work at Opendoor and are hiring for opportunities to convince people to provide personal infomration and even payment for work tools or materials. They sometimes have social profiles, websites, job descriptions, offer training and/or have offer letters that look legitimate. Please be advised: Opendoor roles will be posted on our Careers site. We use recruiting agencies or contractors at times but they will have you interview with Opendoor employees before an offer is extended to you. All employees have an @opendoor.com email address. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a role, please reach out to us.

Contact us with any concerns