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Sell to us and unlock your dream home

Get an offer quick, sell your home smoothly, and buy your perfect home. Questions? We’re here to help.


Why sell to Opendoor?

  • Unlock your equity

    Get the funds you need to buy your new home with a all-cash cash offer.

  • Move on your schedule

    Align the close dates of your current and new homes anytime between 14 days and 9 months* to avoid moving twice, paying two mortgages, or temporary storage units.

  • Late checkout

    We’ll extend a complimentary two-day late checkout so you have a smooth transition between homes.

  • Avoid the hassle of listing

    Skip the stress of showings and uncertainty of listing your home on the market.

  • Sell it smoothly

    Sell without any showings.

  • Same day closing

    Working with Opendoor allows you to close on both homes in the same day to avoid the double-moves, double-mortgages, and storage units.

You’re in control from offer to close

  1. Get an instant offer

    Your estimated offer is backed by local real estate expertise and the most current market data.

  2. Finalize your offer with a home assessment

    Walk us through your home with a brief in-person assessment and we’ll finalize your offer price.

  3. Choose your close date

    Choose the close date that works best for you and unlock funds for your new home.

  4. Avoid making repairs

    Costs are deducted for anticipated repairs, so you don’t have to pay cash up front to sell the home.

  5. Get paid

    We’ll help coordinate closing so you avoid moving twice or paying two mortgages.

  6. Move into your perfect home

    We’re here every step of the way so you have the confidence and peace of mind to focus on your next chapter.

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It was quick, painless, and the price they offered was exceedingly fair. It alleviated the hassles we would’ve gone through—listing, staging it, and on and on.

Anne and Jim Nash

Anne and Jim Nash

Sold to Opendoor and bought a new build Roseville, CA

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Sell and buy with confidence

Avoid double mortgages when you sell and buy a home with Opendoor.

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